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Clarity Based Leadership™ (CBL™) is a leadership system that equips leaders to create Cultures of Clarity where people are engaged, developed and fulfilled. The Clarity Model™ is at the heart of CBL. The Clarity Model branches out into five simple systems that leaders will integrate into their workflow.


The Clarity Model™ + Five Leadership Systems


Effective leadership and establishing cultures of clarity lie in the power of one-on-one relationships. Learn how to utilize the L-21™ Interactions in your one-on-ones and have more insightful conversations.


Successful leaders are highly aware of themselves, others and situations. The Awareness Matrix is a system designed to help leaders understand the whole person. This system includes a unique data-centric approach.


It's crucial for leaders to learn how to self-regulate and adapt to various situations and individuals. By using a data-centric approach, we can better comprehend how to adapt and foster and environment of development. 

"A confused mind does one of three things: says no, carves its own path, or gets stuck." Leading to the One


The Fit-Factor system evaluates a leader's progress and provides insights on where to focus to improve clarity levels. Utilizing Fit-Factor evaluations can aid leaders in attaining greater levels of clarity and success.


Data Centric Development releases a new short video every month. Each video aligns a relevant leadership topic with data, equipping leaders to understand how it applies to themselves and their team. Incorporating these topics into the L-21™ interactions can help leaders better connect with team members.


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Some may say, leadership has changed or it’s different today than it was ten years ago. Things certainly look different, but we have an alternative perspective on this topic. What if leadership never really changed? What if, instead, we are in a day when true leadership is being restored? Here is what we mean: a restoration of leaders, who understand what it means to be human and who understand what it means to lead humans. 

Leading to the One is a part of the Clarity Based Leadership™ System, and it includes:

  • The Clarity Model™
  • Leading to the One™ 
  • L-21™ Interactions
  • The Awareness Matrix

Whether you are a new leader, a seasoned leader or have an interest in understanding the humans you interact with on a daily basis, LEADING TO THE ONE is for you. 

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"Leading to the One (L-21) is the recognition that each person is unique and each supervisor / employee relationship is different, requiring the leader to lead each person individually."  Leading to the One

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